June 18, 2024


African Violet

Light:  Moderately bright light with no direct sun.
Water:  Keep soil moderately moist with slight drying in between watering,  do not allow soil to be soggy.
Care tips:  A bright east window with morning light is ideal.
Comments:  Will bloom year round with a short rest between periods.






This plant likes good conditions. Be extra careful not to over water. When over watered the leaves begin to fall off. They like bright indirect light, but do not like direct sunlight. They also don’t like cool breezes, so avoid the leaky window.








Comments:  The varieties of this plant have unique leaf shapes and colors. The one pictured is the one we usually have on hand. They like indirect sunlight along with humidity. They liked to be watered often, so keep the soil evenly moist at all times.

**This is Karen’s favorite plant.





China Doll

Light:  Like bright, indirect light.  South or east window is ideal.
Water:  Likes to be kept moist at all times, but doesn’t do well when waterlogged.
Comments:   Known to drop its leaves in the presence of  carbon monoxide or improperly vented gas or LP furnaces.









Light:  Likes 4 or more hours of direct sunlight daily – but do well in bright indirect light.  Leaf color best in full sun.
Water:  Keep soil lightly moist at all times.
Comments:  There are more than 100 varieties of Crotons. The one shown here is the most common one we carry in our shop. Crotons like direct and indirect sunlight. They do not like cool drafts. You can keep the soil lightly moist at all times.
**This is Danielle’s favorite plant.






Light:  Like bright but not direct.
Water:  Best to water from the bottom (roots).
Care tips:  Likes to be cool.








Light:  Medium light.
Water:  Water when soil is dry to touch.
Comments:  Brown leaf tips may be caused by dryness or too cool.  There is a large number of varieties of this plant, but most of  the leaves have this look. They don’t like bright light and will survive in low light conditions. Be careful not to over water the plant, because this plant can be susceptible to stem rot. This plant likes warmer temperatures, so avoid the really cool basement.






Light:  Will do well in medium to low light.
Water:  Keep soil moist at all times.
Comments:  Ideal location near an east or west window.  We usually carry both the Lemon Lime and Marginata variety. Easy to grow plant.  They don’t like a lot of direct sunlight.







Level of care: Easy
Light:  Bright light but keep out of hot, direct sunlight.
Water:  Water generously and let drain – let surface dry to touch between watering.







Level of care: Medium
Light:  Bright light, but not direct sun.
Water:  Water only when dry, then water thoroughly.
Comments:  There are lots of different kinds of palms and their care varies for each kind. The one shown is the one we normally carry. Only water when the soil is dry. It can handle bright and low light conditions, but long durations of direct sunlight should be avoided. Be careful not to over fertilize.





Peace Lily (Spath)

Domino Spath – Variegated Leaf
Light:  Prefers medium to low light.
Care tips:  Brown leaf tips mean dry roots or too much sun.
Comments:  Likes to be root bound.  This very popular plant is a great gift for any occasion, but is one of the most popular memorial plants. It will bloom the white flowers about twice a year. This plant can enjoy a darker area. When this plant is in any sunlight it uses a lot of water. When the plant is in need of water the leaves will droop over the pot and can almost touch the ground. Don’t panic and over water the plant. Give it sufficient water and the leaves will pop back up in about 6 hours. Even being in a darker area this plant will use more water than other plants, but be careful not to over water.




Level of care:  Easy
Light:  Like shade – keep out of direct sunlight.
Comments:  Comes in two types, those that spread and those that climb. Comes in numerous leaf shapes, sizes and colors.





Level of care:  Easy
Light:  Some varieties lose leaf variation in lower light; others have true leaf color in lower light.
Water:  Avoid over-watering, roots will rot.
Comments:  Good choice for someone who doesn’t have a ‘green thumb’.  This plant can come on a pole or not on a pole and we usually carry both. This is an easy to grow trailing plant. They will do fine in shade and do not like direct sunlight. You can guide this plant to grow wherever you want. We have ours growing along a curtain rod. Water when the soil turns dry. This is a great and fun plant for anybody, especially beginners.

**This is Marge’s favorite plant





Rubber Tree(Ficus)

Comments:  This is a very easy to grow plant and is great for any occasion. This plant can become almost tree like depending on the size of the pot. It likes bright indirect sunlight. Water carefully and allow the soil to dry between watering.

**This is Reed’s favorite plant.







We may not have all these plants available at all times, especially during a Memorial Service. Please contact us if you would like to know availability.

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