February 25, 2018

Rare Disease Day Fundraiser


Fundraiser for rare diseases 2018, starting February: Thursday the 22nd through Wednesday the 28th!

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Valentine’s Day 2018

Valentine’s Day Specials 2017

Valentine’s Day this year brings NEW specials to A New Leaf in Canby, MN. Please give us a call to reserve your “special” for your special someone! 507-223-7333

Sweet Treat: includes 2 roses arranged in vase, 1 Happy Valentine’s Day Mylar balloon, 1 bakery good (Cherry Maryann OR Oreo Maryann) **Limited quantity available

Showtime: includes 2 roses arranged in vase, gift card to the Canby Theater

Guns & Roses: includes 2 roses arranged in vase, gift card to Kjergaard Sports

6 roses arranged: Many options available here. Roses come with a Happy Valentine’s Day mylar balloon and box of chocolate kisses! **Limited quantity available on some roses



Bridal Show 2017

A New Leaf will be at the Marshall’s Bridal Show on January 22nd, 2017 at the Center of SMSU. The event takes place from 11:30 to 2:00pm. 


October is Melissa & Doug Month

October is Melissa & Doug month! What does that mean for our customers? Well, come on in and see our NEW product, yes that is right, we have some new items and of course, our stable items as well. In the month of October, we will be offering 20% off all Melissa & Doug items. Stop in and check us out.  It’s time to shop for birthdays, holidays, and just because!

Valentine’s Day 2016

Please click on the links below to see our specials!
Feb 12th Canby Schools will be closed; therefore, we will deliver school orders on Thursday Feb 11th.
Feb 13th (Saturday)hours: 8am-5pm
Feb 14th (Sunday) hours: 10am-3pm

Guns and Roses Showtime Special Valentine’s Day Special

The Language of Flowers

One of the large floral delivery companies used this slogan: “Say it with flowers”. What’s that all about, and why would they say that?

If you are a person of a certain age, you will remember that the Bee Gees said it many years ago: “It’s just emotion, taking me over, caught up in sorrow, lost in a song”. We get a hint of the depression that plagued some of the Brothers Gibb, but notice also how the Bee Gees associate emotion and music.

Experts say that 93% of communication effectiveness is nonverbal. Think for a moment about the arts: music, sculpture, painting, drama, dance. Aren’t all the arts merely an effort to communicate without words? Inevitably, when we talk about art, we end up trying to describe it with words. We do this to make sure we are in agreement about what the art means. In a way we are reinterpreting the art back into our normal every day medium, language. Art critics make a living doing this.

So why are we discussing this on a flower shop website? Let’s say we agree that language has limits, especially in difficult or intensely emotional situations. Flowers convey emotions very economically and they do it in a nonverbal medium. Flowers are living art. In fact, people that create floral arrangements are called designers. When you receive a beautiful arrangement you notice the colors, the textures, the shapes, the aroma. So when we celebrate a birthday, an anniversary, a birth, a love, a life well lived, we use flowers and bring our message directly to the parts of our brain that register emotions. This is the language of flowers and this is our mission at A New Leaf. We are here to help you communicate emotion in all the important events of your life.


written by Doug Frazeur

Valentine’s Day Specials

We are excited to serve you at A New Leaf Floral in Canby, MN this Valentine’s Day! We have multiple specials available this year!

$40 – Half a dozen roses (red and other colors), mylar balloon, and a box of Hersey Kisses.

$25- Half dozen roses (NO RED), mylar balloon, and a box of Hersey Kisses. This special is only while supplies last.

$34.95- Showtime Special. Two roses arranged in a vase and a $20 gift certificate to the Canby Theater.

$34.95- Guns and Roses Special. Two roses arranged in a vase and a $20 gift certificate to Kjergaard Sports.

Contact Us to place your order. We appreciate you and your business! Thank You!




Caring Rose Week

You know somebody that would love to receive a dozen roses, and now is the chance to brighten their day, and help out people that need some assistance. November 10-15 is Caring Rose Week. During the week you can get a dozen roses for $10 if you bring in 2 cans of food. The roses will be loose. For $10 more we can arrange them in a vase. We will have canned food at A New Leaf Floral. For $2 we will donate the cans of food for you. So for $22 you can have a dozen roses arranged in a vase, and you will have donated 2 cans of food to the food shelf in Canby. These roses are only available while supplies last. We have ordered 180 dozen and we often run out by Saturday. It’s a win win!!! We appreciate you!

Vases For The Canby Theater

For each vase returned to A New Leaf Floral in Canby in the month of September we will donate $1 to The Canby Theater.  The Canby Theater is currently undergoing restoration so it can be reopened. The Theater has mostly relied on the citizens of Canby for private funding to make this complete renovation possible. Most people have vases sitting in their house collecting dust. Now is the time to do that Fall cleaning and bring in those vases. Last year we ended up getting just over 500 vases recycled back to us. We appreciate the community contributing to this vase drive. Thank you for supporting A New Leaf Floral in Canby and the Canby Theater restoration project! Make it a great day!