April 15, 2024

$10 Dozen Roses During Caring Rose Week!!

November 12-17 is Caring Rose Week. During this week you can get a dozen roses for $10 plus tax! All you have to do is bring in two cans of food with your $10. The food will go to Prairie Five here in Canby. Now is your chance to brighten somebody’s day! All it takes is $10 and 2 cans of food that will go to somebody that needs it! Don’t let this opportunity go by the wayside! Somebody in your life would appreciate flowers!! Multiple colors available, and once the roses are gone, they are gone. We have run out before, so don’t wait until the last minute! The rose come wrapped from our supplier. If you would like your roses in a vase, we would be happy to do that. The cost of the roses in a vase would be $20 plus tax. If you would like them delivered, there will be an additional charge.

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